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Firma PODBIELNIAK was established in 1973 in Słupca as a company which offered installations services. 
That company provided mainly plumbing, installing central heating, water and steam boilers and technological installations in state and private enterprises, schools, centers, communes, different institutions and houses.

In 1999 we extended the range of our services and added in basic fire-fighting systems according to Polish and European guidelines and the guidelines of   NFPA, Vds, FM, CE.

Plenty of courses for our personal in 1999-2001 abroad and dynamic development in Poland in that time and the rise of the number of commercial, production and storage objects caused that we became the leader in extinguishing and sprinkler systems in Poland.
Since 2001
fire-fighting systems in Poland have been building up  70% of our income what presents the capability of the branch.

In 2007 our company change its status to  PODBIELNIAK FPS Ltd. and the chairman became Wojciech Podbielniak with 100% shares in the company.

Constant cooperation with such companies like SKANSKA, Budimex etc. leaders of builders branch In Poland was followed by providing of stable position on the market.

In our services we put on the quality and continual development of our working staff.